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on Saturday, 16 July 2011

Polytechnic Muadzam Shah Pahang encourage their students to embark on less popular sports rather than football or badminton. It is because they want to create an identity, based on their own choice of sports regardless of their popularity in the ranking poll.

Currently with a student population of just about 300, their focus is on rowing, kayaking, wall-climbing and cycling. Rowing and kayaking are currently the favourite sports on campus. And it is small wonder that members of the 2011 Pahang Sukma rowing team comprise of Polytechnic Muadzam students.

"Our aim is to have our own identity. We are currently the pioneer rowing batch in Pahang. We hope to advance to a higher level," said their co-ordinator, Rasidi Hazman Abdul Hamid.

He also revealed all the sports will gather momentum when the new intake begins. He added that cycling will also be made a priority to augment the existing rowing and kayaking.

"The number of students is likely to be 1,200 by the year-end. With that, our sports activities will swing into action more vigorously.

"Our main objective is to be a force in sports considered at its infant stage in Malaysia. It's popularity is not our concern.

"We want to focus on sports in which no one can claim themselves as a powerhouse. We hope our Poly can be popular and based on a certain sport."

The 22-member rowing team's major event is the International Varsity Boatrace in Putrajaya in October.

Source: Malay Mail

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